Fleck 02002N045 Jumping Whip

 02002 Woven Nylon cover, FLECK-grip, 18“/24“ Available in a range of colours - 45cm, 50cm or 60cm


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Fleck 02005 Jumping Whip

02005 Nylon wave, DELTA grip, curved flap, 20“+23“ Available in Black with Silver Stripes 50cm and 60cm


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Fleck 020520 Jumping Whip

02052 X-Line, woven Nylon cover, X-tc-grip, mushroom cap, 20"/24" Available in 50   


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Fleck 03011 Dressage Whip

03011 Nylon weave, UltraSoft wrapped grip, mushroom cap


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Fleck 03042100 Dressage Whip

100cm Available in Blue and Red leather Handle and Tip


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Fleck 03045 Dressage Whip

Available with a Brown or Maroon Leather handle, 110cm and 120cm


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Fleck 03053110 Dressage Whip
Fleck 03053110 Dressage Whip

 03053 Woven Nylon cover, leather grip, nickel mushroom cap, Cream whip with Black, Brown or Tan Leather grip handle.   *Please note: The handles are not in 100% condition  

$59.90 $29.95

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Fleck 03073110 Dressage Whip

120cm Available in Black, Grey, Brown and White


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Fleck 03162110 Dressage Whip

110cm Available with Brown, Tan, Grey and White leather Handles


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