Waldhausen Nylon Spur Straps

Premium, high quality spur straps made from nylon material, steplessly adjustable. Set of two. Black only.


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Waldhausen Neon Brushes

Sold Individually Size: 14cm


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Waldhausen Lunging Cavesson Economic

Light weight, hard wearing cavesson made of nylon material. Softly padded at the sensitive nose bridge. CavessonIndespensable for training and schooling of young horses and for daily lunge work. It is gentle on the horse"s sensitive mouth. The softly padded noseband should be buckled in the same way as a...


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Waldhausen Dottie Halter

Available in Pony - Navy with Beige Spots High quality halter, dull coloured fittings. A fluffy lining made of faux fur along the nose rim and poll and cheek straps guarantees the horse"s comfort. Multi-adjustable poll strap.


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Waldhausen Fluffy Halter

*Top Seller* Fluffy halter with soft synthetic padding for the ultimate in comfort


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Waldhausen Extension Spurs

Available in 20mm Ideal positioning for precise aids. The vertical extension prevents the spurs from slipping and allows for exact riding aids. High quality workmanship, made of rust-free stainless steel, pair.   Sizes available: 20mm and 30mm. Please note that the photo shows the shorter length.


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Waldhausen Patent Spur Straps

Strong, tear-proof web material. Patented clip closure for stepless adjustment. Easy to thread in. Pair. Length: 49 cm Black only


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Waldhausen Open Front Tendon Boots + Fetlock Boots
Waldhausen Open Front Tendon Boots + Fetlock Boots

Ideal protection for your horse"s legs. Double elasticated Velcro fasteners ensure a perfect fit. Impact proof hard cover and a shock absorbing neoprene padding.

$55.00 from $35.00

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Waldhausen Lunging Roller

Lunging girth made of sturdy polypropylene, softly lined with teddy fleece. Features 13 rings for individual rein attachment. Length PON: 1,75 - 2,10m Length WB: 2,00 - 2,50m Available in colour pictured - Pony Size


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Waldhausen Knotted Hairnet with Bow and Clasp

Looks fantastic behind a helmet for all disciplines, comes with bow and hairnet attached.   Material: 97 % Polyester, 3 % Elastane Velvet: Material: 100 % nylon  


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